If i water fast for 2 days how much weight will i lose reddit

72 hours fasts worked the best for me any longer wasn’t worth it. 8 pounds for the day. Doing OMAD will increase your weight loss, not by much, but enough that it should matter in that timeframe. 4. 2 to 65. 5-1. Going from a 48hr dry fast to a 14 day dry fast could literally kill you. Day two ~ 3 lbs. IAMA person that just finished a 10 day water only fast. Sort by: Search Comments. Eating very strict keto/carnivore. . Depending on the water weight you carry this'll help with 6-8lbs. For sure he would lose it all in under 2 months. Pounds of Fat loss per fasted day will be your TDEE/3500. So to lose 25lbs you need a deficite of 87500 cals. Day four ~ 1 lb. So here is the chart of my weight loss. 3. 5kg including water weight loss (i did it with Short answer: No. Just don't set your expectations too high, because most exercise doesn't burn significantly more calories than your BMR. 33, 3. It takes around 3500 kcal to lose 1 pound of weight. ~3500 calories per lb / 1750 calories per day = 2 days per lb lost (1 lb / 2 days) * 15 days = 7. 4lbs. You can experience most of the interesting high/low effects of a fast And my weight went down to 87. Waste-Medium. You don't have to gain it all back, if you use the fast as a starting point for a different diet. As an example (as I don’t know how many calories you burn a day or if you have been in a continual deficit for 6 weeks or more which would likely lower your metabolism) if You burn 2000 calories a day then a 3 day water fast will burn approx. Most stop much shorter on their first Male,22. Then Sunday I eat from 12 to 12. Before I broke my fast, I weigh 173. I've always lost about 1. Wednesday - 209. As long as you consult a doctor first, there’s no reason a water fast is dangerous. Edit: “On a day you don't eat for 24 hours, you're guaranteed to be losing a third or half a pound of non Drink a sh*t ton of water. you will lose about 1. Start Weight at 270, this morning I was 252. This works quite well. No weight loss. It is possible to loose like 2 pounds of fat a day on a fast if you are extremely active in walking or fidgetting or whatever that day. I water fasted for 27 days straight. Water will disappear quickly in the first few days. 5 pounds lost in 12 days. 2 lbs - 7 miles of walking during the day. Once you lose a few pounds of water at the beginning, your weight will stabilize to only losing 1/2 pound per day or so. A better post is coming. Water fasting is a valid weight loss technique. He was 85. I want to encourage you and give you a little detailed review. There is a difference between losing weight on a fast and losing fat on a fast. Fasting is a tad bit better at preserving muscle than straight up caloric deficite, but it doesn´t differ much. This isn’t a very healthy habit to get into (shedding water weight for an event). 5 day fast and then routinely fast for 20+ hours. With waterfasts as well: 2 day dry, 3 day water, 2 day food, repeat. What is very interesting is that the 2. Sure you may lose 30-40 pounds but I doubt you retain it over 35 days. A place for people of all sizes to discuss healthy and sustainable methods of weight loss. Thursday - 206. I lost 80 lbs in 2 months, kept 60 of it off for 2+ years now. Or like a 48hr dry, 12 day water fast, maybe. Reply reply. IF Saturday and Sunday. • 17 min. I lost 18lbs. It is truly remarkable. ๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐Ÿ˜‚. 5 days straight in general seems harder to sustain, so instead, I'm experimenting with eating every Wednesday and Sunday. 35/F SW: 200 CW: 200. 5 - . While you will inevitably lose weight while fasting, that is not the main benefit of fasting. remember that there’s is so much other stuff that goes into your body mass, but on average it takes 3500 calories to burn through 1 lb of fat. 5]" but given my experience in this I'd guess actual weight loss would include another half kilo at least, so my real guess is something like 1 I did OMAD (23:1) for 2 weeks and lost around 5-6lbs. 6KG (if you also factor 10 days gradual re-feeding after the fast e. 75 pounds per day when water fasting. continue low salt. Saw a YouTuber named "The Unlazy Way" go on a water fast for 10 days. I lost 7lbs and gained 5 back. In my case at my starting weight of 200lb my TDEE was 2400kcals/3500=0. Sit in a hot bath tub for an hour or two. 1,5kg on average. 5-0. After a 3 day fast, (two days dry -one water) I didn’t lose anything. Anything over that is likely water weight and will come back after you start eating again. Down 15. Fast on Monday and Friday. Edit: also electrolytes. 4lbs) which I'd assume is water weight, even though that should've happened the first 2 days, right? Anyways, this data is from today June 14th, 2018. After this you are burning about 250-500 grams of fat a day. Between 4 and 4. 2lbs this week, most likely will gain some of this back as I go back to eating. However a huge chunk of it is actual fat. 8 kg, assuming you eat at a calorie deficit on fast break day and/or fast start day. Edit to add: SW 143 EW 136 CW 141. Details below. 42 lbs daily, so about 53 days. A 30-day fast could definitely result in some muscle loss. First day sucks, 2nd days isn’t amazing, gets much better by 3rd day which is when the water weight seems to disappear overnight which is pretty motivating. 7 lbs of fat per day fasted. stop consuming food/water 16 hours before your weigh in time. Filinov’s statements of losing 1kg of fat on average per day of dry fasting. I do a 3 hour window Wednesday from 9 am to 12 noon. • 1 day ago. When people lose a lot of weight quickly when they start a diet it’s usually water that they’re dumping because they’re eating fewer salty foods. 221 votes, 29 comments. It's not going to do that much in 2 weeks and it makes you super hungry. 2 after. I'll post with progress pics after a few days of refeed. 5 pounds, for a total of 21. I weighed myself daily but have weightless mode setup on my app so it just tells me a +/-. On the 10th day, he was 77. To do that in 20 days would mean being in a deficite of 4375 calories A DAY. Your liver alone can hold 100-120g of glycogen, assuming you're an average sized adult. I dropped 11. I lost about 25 lbs in 1 month. 16 votes, 18 comments. However, if you’ve been binging and feel a bit bloated and this would be your first fast, you could lose even If you burn a mere 2000kcals a day by the end of 10 days of water fasting you would buen roughly 20000kcals because some metabolic slowdown should happen afaik, a pound of fat is roughly 3500 kcals so you would potentially lose about a little more than 6lbs in 10 days which is awesome. 6 pounds, indicating a loss of 2. 4kg of fat and 4. 7lbs of fat. 2 pounds of mostly fat. I did one last week, lost 10 pounds. 81 kg (4 lbs) lost. I recommend doing some searching around the sub :) You're most likely losing more water weight when first starting. If your body burns 1,700 calories per day and you stop eating, after a couple of days you will start burning 1,700 calories per day of stored fat. It's better to look at weekly averages to see what's really going on. TheUnveiler. Drink more water. You can expect to lose . See full list on fitnessvolt. Going to attempt to do 3 day fasts. add1053. Not to be a bummer but 22 kgs loss in a 30 day fast is unlikely unless you did lots of exercises . The question is how much weight will stay off 35 days after your fast. I completed a 2. Soo happy! 200 hrs is 8. You can lose about . 35 lbs a day, roughly. Fasting for a day would kill you around 425g (0. For me who needs to lose like 70 pds to healthy weight, i dont care about losing muscles as long as i hit the goal. background: 33M 181cm (5'11"), when i was 25 i started on my journey to become fit, lost some weight at first, joined the gym and fell for the bulk and cut routine and everytime i cut i got to a point where i That is why you lose weight fast for the first week or two on low carb diets, it is literally water weight. I did 72 hr fasts once a week and omad the rest and lost over 80 pounds in 7 months. I drank only plain water, and took a potassium supplement and 1/2 a daily multivitamin every 3 days, and a pinch of salt every 2 days. The 11lbs lost are of course mostly water, perhaps some muscle, and around 3lbs fat. A 250 lbs Male might burn 2,500 calories per day so he can lose . 5-2 gallons of water. 1 lb of fat is 5000 calories. 6 pounds lighter in only 5 days changing nothing else about my life except water fasting. If that impresses you, you’re an idiot. So yes, 30 lbs. days multiplied with 1,690 sedentary calories = 14,027 body fat calories used; divide that with 3,500 calories as 0. • 9 yr. Forget the first seven days. Jokes aside, assuming you are female and sedentary (just to make it a conservative estimate), then you burn (1500/7700)*2. 78% of your fat per day of fasting, so 62lbs (1-0. Still no mean feat. It is stunning to me that I went from last belt notch to my first in 20 days. (I'm referring to the popular 5:2 diet where you only consume 1/4 of your necessary calories on fasting days; ~500-600 calories for men, ~250-350 for women). 5 Very motivated today, trying not to let myself dwell on the past and thoughts of 'I should have started this weeks ago'. Any combo of that always worked. To lose 1lb of fat you need to be in a deficite of calories at around 3500 calories. You're going to have fast a lot longer than 7 days to hit your ultimate goal. I am going to end the fast at 82 Hours. Day 4, without fail, fast food binge that I thought I had earned due to not eating for three days. 3 day fast. That is a bit like a first time runner trying a marathon. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. There are many influences though like your starting weight, height, health issues, etc. Fast. That is 1/2 lb. 9kg of muscle). So it was no food of any kind for ten days and about 128oz of water per day. If you're working out during the fast. What does happen though is people will lose three pounds from one day of fasting and think they lost three pounds of fat. Focus on the big picture. Once a month, 5 day fast. Let’s call it a nice even number, 25% at 250lbs, you can burn 0. I ended at 152, but gained about 6lbs back with water weight and intestinal contents. No loose skin, although I did get the vertical cord look on my neck for a while, but now that Im stabilized around 300 lbs, it’s gone away. It generally takes years to train your body up to such a length of fasting. As for a 3-day fast, it's pretty common to lose 2-5 kg in that amount of time. I only did 2 weeks back-to-back with a 4 day fast one week, and a 5 day fast the next, and I was done with fasting for another 8 months. 115Hrs into the fast. day before weigh in. People engage in IF to reap the many benefits to health, fitness, and mental clarity. You've been burning off your stored glycogen as well as water and waste, in addition to fat. Weighed in the morning (12 day after starting water fast) and was down another 7. Which means I should be losing about 45-50 lbs on a 30 day fast. This is a place to share success, support each other, ask questions, and learn. I got a tub of magnesium, potassium and salt from Amazon. That said if you have never done a long fast before 28 days is ambitious and you need to listen if your body starts telling you to stop. 355 to 285 over a year or so, 3 years ago. I did 5 day fasts (Monday-Friday) all year until late August when I had gall bladder surgery. The only thing that will make you lose weight is eating fewer calories than you use. 3 days. Someone else suggested it, but try doing 3-4 day fasts at a time, then 2-days of high protein re-feeding, then 3-4 day fasts again and just roll all of this together into a month or two. That’s just over 7% of my starting body weight. A little faster with high daily activity, which is hard to sustain if your body fat is low, and you will lose a lot 8 weeks of rolling 72s and 39lbs lost so far. . I am a 5'10", 28 year old female. On my first dry fast (3 days) I lost ~11lbs and gained it all back by the next week, despite eating clean carnivore, meat and water only. You'll probably have a delta of 10 to 15 pounds, but that will be High to Low and will be mostly water weight. early March to now. Tuesday - 212 lbs - 7 miles of walking during the day. Have only done a couple of 14 day fasts, a series of 10 day fasts and a lot of shorter ones. No rules, no restrictions. com IMO best formula to reliably predict fat loss pounds lost (assume any extended fast consuming <50g carbs a day) BMR/3500 x # days (it really becomes more reliable after day 2-3 after youve shed water weight from glycogen being burned through) 1. Eat low carb, in a calorie deficit, and reduce hydration 2 days before. Most weightloss from fasting in the first few days is Glycogen water and poop weight. It might sound counter-intuitive, but if you increase your water intake you will flush the excess salt from your system faster. Lost 52 lbs Doing OMAD while I'm home on disability Once I go back to work will probably do: OMAD Tuesday-Thursday. Edit: Although you don´t lose that much AMAA : r/IAmA. [deleted] •. I have lost 17 lbs in 9 days. Sit in a sauna in full sweats for a while. 2kg with 6. Stuck at 10lbs down, from roughly late Feb. To do that while still eating the daily recommend minimum of calories which is 1200 you would need to be doing enough exercise to I am primarily water fasting, with the occasional black coffee and 16 calorie broth (which I actually stopped after the first 3 days). Eat. 33 kilos. 5. 7kg muscle. 2 days out. Update: 5 days after my fast, I have been eating about 2,000 calories a day (including junk food like McDonalds and Papa Johns) and my weight as of the last three days has been 272. I do a cheat day once a month and always gain several pounds in water weight afterwards. After you refeed you’ll have a massive jump in weight, but that’s just water. Intermittent Fasting (IF) is way of eating that restricts *when* you eat, usually on a daily or weekly schedule. I'd say if you wanna do a 14 day fast, a water fast would be your best bet. That's so fascinating and inspiring to me. The primary benefit you gain from fasting is called "intelligent autolysis". As far as losing weight, I'd stop exercising. PM_40. per day, which is about what YOU can lose while fasting. It’s the fastest and easiest way to lose weight. Was my first fast in a long time. Nope. I was dropping an average of 1. Always weight myself 24 hour into my fasts. Heck, even the reduced calorie "fast" would produce results. 4 lbs - 6 miles of walking during the day. 5kg probably just water weight but it’s going good nonetheless I’ve been going gym and doing around 30 min cardio and a lot of weight lifting even though I can’t build muscle as you can’t build it off fat I’m It depends on how much you eat during the other 5 days. 7 day water fast complete! I competed another 7 day water fast! I felt great throughout it and kept and eye on my ketones and glucose levels just as a precaution. I Am A, where the mundane becomes fascinating and the outrageous suddenly seems normal. 2 pounds of fat lines up exactly with Dr. I started recently and did a 5 day for my first one. I think it's feasible that you could get to 180 with a 2 week fast, however only about 5-10 pounds of that is going to be actual fat, so most of it will come back on within a few days of re-feeding. Essentially, my experience has taught me that I would have better calorie consumption eating a regular 1200-1400kcal per day when you take into account the bingeing/starving that goes with water fasts, with the benefit of zero drama. Divide that by your bmi (likely 2500 or less) and that is rhe maximum you can expect to lose per day not counting water. Day three ~ 2 lbs. 5kg fat and 40. This is what bodybuilders call peak week, and it’s grueling My very first fast. One more update, I broke my fast after 3 days of dry fasting. 2 lbs). This is my 2nd 24h fast (but i'l trie to hit 32h) and if it goes well i want to start fasting every sunday and saturday (no food at all, only tea…. Then in maintenance i can make adjustments as needed. I also took magnesium and supplemented sodium and potassium. This comes back on again after you start eating. ago. 6. Water pills. 21 days! Water Fast Complete. Didn’t work out at all. It takes from water (and glucose) stored in your muscles, old useless cells first. Sunday night start of the fast - (215 lbs Sunday morning) Last meal Sunday night at 6pm - 6 miles of walking during the day. Make sure to avoid carbs and sugar on refeed day or you will likely get super hungry and overeat. 3lbs), that's a loss so far of about 2kg (4. You have an eating disorder, fasting is not going to fundamentally change that. So yeah, in one 3 day-fast you would not be losing any functional muscle mass. As someone who plans on doing OMAD for the rest of my life I cannot emphasize this enough: OMAD and intermittent fasting will not make you lose weight. My total goal long term is to lose 130 lbs Reduce your salt intake. 8 lbs and continues to end of fast. • 10 mo. 0078) 6 =59 meaning in this case during these 6 days of fasting, you’ll have burned around 3lbs of fat. In one study of 768 people fasting for at least 48 hours, 72% of participants Start with the one day fast, then wait 6 days, then do a two day fast, wait 5 days, three day fast, wait 4 days etc. Repeat unit you reach your goal, however long it takes. But if you say that you’re not going to eat any food for a week people are so stunned. 2 day dry fasts do not require any special refeed, 3 days dry fasts does. Few hours later, I ate about 6 buffalo hot wings, 1 cup of roasted Brussels sprouts, and had another 1L bottle of 100% Based on your height and weight, you would most likely lose 20 lbs of fat. On this extended fast, I am losing 2 lbs every single day. Yup, this. If it's done right, say you've got 20 pounds to lose. I ate whatever I felt like tbh. Also walked at least 10k steps a day. Weight can fluctuate much more than 1/2 pound per day based on hydration levels, so you may go a few days without losing anything. 2, and 272. Our ancestors didn’t have access to food 24/7 and would sometimes go We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. A bunch of water weight at first, then some fat. I have never experienced this dramatic of a response on any other method of weight loss. Currently the average daily loss is 2. I've heard to expect to lose a pound of weight each day, with 0. 5 lbs total weight loss not counting water loss and digestive mass losses which will come back. A lot of the weight you lost over the last 2 weeks is likely water which is why it "appears" to have slowed diwn. 7500 calories is a kg of fat loss (2. 5 gallons in. I’m halfway down with day four I’m at 6lbs loss although I’m doing it for health reasons not weight loss I started at 158lb when I first started now I’m at 141. 69. Monday - 214. Today I am starting a fast that I hope lasts 21 days. If you eat 500 less calories per day The basics: I water fasted from July 1 to July 17 and went from 260. But you can expect to lose 26 pounds of weight. repeat day 3. Once you refeed and hydrate you can generally expect to regain 1/2 to 2/3 of the weight. IF is an 18+ community because the practice Unofficially weighed in at 186. So 5 days you could burn possibly 1-2kgs of fat. You won’t lose 26 pounds of fat. You are consuming 0 calories on fast days. You could lose a lot of water weight. •. It appears like you're posing in a deliberately unflattering way in the first photo to make the results look more dramatic. 6 lbs - Breaking fast at 8am. Gets much easier the longer you go too. And likewise a lot of what you lose on the extended fast is also water. 7Kg (193. This means you are either using up your stored glycogen (beginning of a fast) or are having to break down more fats, both of which mean more weight lost. Sometimes a bit more if I was really active, taking long walks and all that. 9. Whether you need to lose 2 lbs or 400 lbs, you are welcome here! I water fasted for 27 days straight. 0. results : 14 day water fast. 1000 calories is around 130g. Urine collected weighed around 0. Reply. And daily calorie requirements at your weight would be around 3000 to 3500 kcal. I’m in absolute shock by just how effective fasting is for fat burning. g. You'll still lose weight, but the muscle loss should be minimal. Do a 3-4 hour cardio/lifting workout full sweats and no drinking. The first 3 day fast I lost around 5-6 pounds. daywreckerdiesel. So for that example, 30 days water fasting for 20 pounds lost. It's simple math in regards to calories. About 50 lbs in 2 months Longest fast was 72 hours If your husband did 48,48,72 weekly with a refeed of 1-2 lbs steak, 4 cups broccoli, 3tbs of butter. OP • 6 yr. Hello everyone, i just finished a 14 day water fast and want to share stuff that i measured throughout it. In the past 2 weeks since I started I’m down about 10-15 pounds. Just started something similar as others have said. I’ve dieted a number of times in my life, and even eating 500 calories per day and being in ketosis, I can only lose 2-3 lbs per week. From what we know so far. If you are a first time faster, please do yourself a favor and don't "go on a 30 day water fast". I recently lost about 10 pounds during a 5 day fast when I was around 185. Laws of physics still apply. Epsom Salt bath. You have lost around 15 kgs and rest is water weight. 7. And it'll help maintain muscle too. 5 pounds in 2 weeks and 2 days, losing 48 pounds total (I don't count the decimals, so don't even start with me). It usually takes 3 to 5 days to drop…. Day One (14/9) Weight: 187. You'll lose what you lose. As much as you want if you do it long enough. Probably around 28 kgs. cali_nikkei_79. So am I losing fat or is it just water? Water Fasting for 10 Days & Muscle Loss. You would also lose weight associated with the glycogen stores in your liver, a couple pounds of fecal matter (poop), and 6-10 lbs of water. 425kg) of weight if reality works like that which I don't know. I've scoured through several posts on Reddit of people who have successfully completed 21 day water fasts. There wasn’t much deviance to this beyond the initial first week. 1 pound per day seems to be the rough average lost for fasters. The one time I tried working out during a 2 day fast, I was sore all day the second day until I broke the fast. I keep myself open to questions, suggestions, and hopefully some answers. About a pound a day. So 1600*5+1300+1000=10300, 10300/3500=2. Apr 5, 2024 ยท The main drawback of 48-hour fasting is severe hunger, although many people claim that this feeling is temporary. Focus on long term sustainability, not fast results. Award. I am alive and well and I think better off than I started ten days ago. Yes. Most folks will take 3 to 4 times longer to lose that much weight. 75 of it being fat, but your activity level and strength workouts will play a big role in determining this. 68lb fat loss per fasted day and the scale proved this out. A human body needs around 2500 calories daily to sustain itself. Just straight up don't drink water or eat anything for a day and a half. 5 lbs of fat. 3kg in 5 days and I wasn't doing a water fast wither. However, most of that is just going to be water weight and intestinal contents. But, I was a bit heavier than you, considering. 94, that's in pounds so 1. 8, 272. Very heavy individuals or those that exercise a lot might lose faster, but you need to burn 3500 calories to lose a pound of fat. Not sure if I did something wrong or what - I had water, tea and 0-calorie drinks like Mio in water. Ten pounds isn’t much but my starting weight was a healthy BMI; I just wanted to lose the 12lbs I gained w Covid-19 shut down. How incredible. 1. • 5 days ago. Water fasting helps with weight loss obviously but its better to pose and take photos in the most consistent way possible so you can accurately assess your progress. Whereas, 36 fasting 12 feeding was easy, and only became challenging when I cut carbs down to well under 100g/day when eating (typically 50g); even that only took a few weeks to adapt to. This will be enough to reduce your BMI from 27 to 25 and hence into the "healthy range". 10% diet for 1 day, 25% diet for 3 days, 50% diet for 3 days, 75% diet for 3 days). And that's the bare minimum if you are a not very obese male. Based on their before and after weights, the average weight loss is almost always 13% no matter what their starting weight was. u will look leaner and better but on the scale it's gonna be like -500g per day~ (after 24H) OssiFlowmeow. Hey guys, the fast is over. : r/fasting. 09 lbs, but I expect that to continue to slow down. 0/10 would At the 72-hour mark, my weight loss slowed down to 2. AMAA. limit yourself to 400mg of sodium for the day. That is 0. I'm not sure if there's a formula Doing a 90 day fast I weigh around 480 pounds so I have enough fat on me for this fast and I’ll be making sure to take my electrolytes I’m already over 2 days in lost 3. I can’t believe I lost 4 pounds. I know that you know starving yourself is not good and I definitely don't r/intermittentfasting. try to get a 1-1. If it was all weight that you gained in that one week, most of it should come off naturally without fasting as long as you don't keep up the excessive eating. Freshtoast15. That would mean fasting for 27 days, but taking into account water weight and what you'll gain back when eating, add 2-3 days to that. I’d prefer to weigh about 280, but I’m happy enough with 300. Sauna. I’ve done 2 40+ day water fasts; both times I averaged 5lbs per/wk. 2 lbs per day when water fasting. His BMI before was 23. So 28 days might be 14 lbs of fat. Based solely on my own experience, I think you'll probably lose a bit less than you hoped for. 7 lb/day while fasting. the first 2 days of water fasting sheds water weight only. I broke my fast with 1 cup of baking soda water, 2 lbs of Persian cucumbers, and 1 L of coconut water. 5 lbs. Again: not healthy. Is there a way to tell if it’s water weight vs fat? I am drinking at least 100+ oz of water per day, which I read reduces water retention aka water weight. Remember you will drop a lot of weight at the begining but this is water weight. Usually between 1-2kg here. Day five ~ . I agree with u/toxik0n, you'll probably lose about 4. Plus since i have tons of fat i think percentage-wise i wont be losing much protein. : r/loseit. 7 lbs/day. (He lost 0. Assuming relatively sedentary. After you end the fast, your weight will come back up a bit. I'm 5'2 and was 170 lbs when I started the fast. 7kg fat and 45kg muscle on day 1. That's asinine. 45 kg (1 lb) = 1. I broke it with bone broth (delicious), waited a few hours, 3 pickles and 40g of chicken, and a final cup of bone broth. Don't eat any processed food, restaurant food, fast food, and limit dairy, sugar and salt as much as you can. 4 and 21. Its your weight after a couple of days of finishing the fast that really shows how much you lost. SauloJr. Pretty good for 10 days of fasting. That number will drop a few calories per day as you lose weight but we will ignore that complication. 1 to 212. Like I said, that's a floor on actual weight lost. In reality the best I can say is "something on the interval [1. Lost 60 just water fasting. ha fl sv gp qz px hg hn mp ts