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Highest deutsche bank salary reddit

Best of Reddit; Topics; Content Policy; Deutsche Bank to cut 3,500 jobs Top 1% Rank by size . They all suck. Just wondering if anyone on here has gone through Dealogic says Deutsche Bank ranked outside the top 10 for European M&A in the first quarter of 2018; it even ranked outside the top 10 in Germany. Firstly, the whole document that was mailed to me was in German, which I couldn't understand. CRM Software Engineer (Infrastructure Engineer), forget banks If you can build/program/design "in/" complex CRMs for all industries. 5. TLDR: It seems pretty good with an ok base salary. I generally do alright for now (300k/year, age 31), but I'd like to see what the next 20 years could bring in terms of all in comp. J. Jun 29, 2024 · The average Deutsche Bank salary ranges from approximately $43,178 per year (estimate) for a Receptionist to $430,096 per year (estimate) for a Managing Director. 2M subscribers in the finance community. . More posts you may like I have just received an offer from an esteemed bank in Frankfurt-am-Main. Deutsche bank vs Bank of America. In the mail it says: Please note that the completion of this assessment is not mandatory and your performance on this assessment will not impact your application to Deutsche Bank. I worked at a large European bank that tries to compete in the US, but ultimately they’ve given up for all practical purposes. hecho2. I have 4 and I feel confident with such a distribution. I would expect Deutsche to be competitive but the other crazy thing about the Chicago offer is the % cost of living difference. I applied at Deutsche Bank for a summer internship and got invited to a Situational Judgement Test via email. Location: Orlando, FL. But, their vacation policies are nice (35 days + flex time) so if you're willing to put up with middling pay and in return not do much, then go for it. The pay will be around 85-90k base (for NYC) with total comp around 100k-115k after bonus. Any insights in the internal discussions, noise and working culture would immensely help. Now, I checked their website and I found an option to open an account online. I’ve checked Vivid bank, but everybody says it’s not good to have it for salary. It may not be physically demanding per se, but mentally it's kinda draining since most bank job functions are routinary. Deutsche Bank Cary based pay is higher than Deutsche Bank's United States average salary of $107,244. General Manager is where it diverges a bit in package makeup, but is circa $250-400k base + 50-100% bonus. Good luck. More than 70 current and former employees are under investigation by public prosecutors in Cologne over the scandal I cant leave with one bank account. Just be aware of that. AkhilArtha. Position: Systems Engineer Intern. Salary and work hours are considerably lower than IB, but salary does get pretty good once you move up the ranks (still nowhere near IB, though). m. So I currently have two offers for summer analyst roles: DB Technology and JP Morgan CADP (Corporate analyst development program) I'm learning toward DB currently, but wanted to ask if CADP is still worth considering? I understand they're both more or less back office roles, but would DB tech give me more flexibility to move The thing is it's NOT doing any of these , it's offering 16LPA(1,07,000/month) to freshers and haven't layoff a single employee even when the company's situation is really tight and other similar Fintech or software co. • 2 yr. 210 votes, 31 comments. Deutsche Bank employees Which bank has the fastest transactions and best mobile app? I took advice from my neighbor nad joined Deutsche Postbank, on the app the transactions show up like 3/4 days later so the app is totally useless cus i cant see my real Kontostand at all. Best. 488K subscribers in the ukpolitics community. Which essentially trains graduate students for 4 months then if all goes well positions are handed out. View community ranking In the Top 1% of largest communities on Reddit. The best-paying job in Cary at Deutsche Bank is group vice president, which pays an average of $206,903 annually. Yes, you can OP. Heavily depends on the institution. Chinese owned is not good. , fearing the deal might publicize the favorable loan terms offered by the bank, according to evidence presented at trial. The receptionist told me that the earliest possible date is a month later. " If this is your only job, go for it. But they most likely will automatically reject you without a prior banking history in Germany. First, the fact that 18k people will lose their jobs has nothing to do with the bank not adapting to „the new system“. Deutsche Bank employees Sparkasse is great, because they have ATMs everywhere. Jun 26, 2024 · The average Deutsche Bank salary ranges from approximately $43,178 per year (estimate) for a Receptionist to $430,096 per year (estimate) for a Managing Director. Okay but low salary / hours are long: Metrobank, PNB, RCBC. And if they don’t sell? Base salary seems to be worse than most "high finance" roles unless you're working at top 10. That’s up up 11% from 2010, according to SNL data gathered from 2012 proxy forms. So it is impossible for us to tell which bank "you should use". Postbank negatives: They’re have also been stories about Deutsche trying to merge with banks like Commerzbank only for things to fall apart during negotiations. •For the good, you have Saturdays and Sundays off like any other normal person. I have lived in NY and worked in Chicago and both are pretty amazing. Normally it takes 1-2 working days using SEPA. On top of that I need to pay 14 EUR for this investigation!! I use DKB as my main account and really like it. Earn While You Learn/ Train to Hire. I got an offer, too. The articles I read say foul-play isn't suspected Deutsche Bank, Volkswagen, Siemens, BASF etc were all heavily involved in the German WW2 economy. Deutsche Bank employees Aug 20, 2021 · The H1B salary database shows that a vice president at Deutsche Bank Securities in New York was hired on a $400k salary in February 2021, which is far higher than the salaries offered at rival banks. Why didn't I remain with them? Because I didn't want to pay the 7 Euros fee. No fast payments Sparkasse: middle term storage. I have been living in Germany - Berlin for 2 years (coming from Greece) and i created a Postbank Bank account, as my friends suggested me to do. Deutsche Bank salaries range between $52,000 to $151,000 per year in Cary. Answer: The man who died was a whistle blower and informant on DB's actions and policies concerning Trump's finances and DB's ties to Russia. Only behavioral. The salaries are very similar, so going to the London role I'd be slightly worse off once the expense of being in London are there. You don't need current cards for online banking, so get the balance to zero by wise or any other transfer and then close the account online. Question. Growth: company encourages learning, they provide materials and if there's an expert within the group they provide training. Second, the bank did not fall, it is merely following a new strategy. DB is a mismanaged monolith of a bank, and N26 one of those hip fintech startups burning money left and right while using questionable business ethics and openly defying the regulators. While you can use any of theirs ATMs for free, you can not walk into a different Sparkasse and talk with them about your account etc. Für meinen persönlichen Bedarf habe ich nicht nur das Gefühl, sondern bin überzeugt, dass ich bei anderen Banken bessere Konditionen habe. Deutsche Bank TDI - Interview : r/csMajors. Just saying, i'd recommend doing thorough research as I know a few people who graduated and have a base salary of 70k in invesment banking with up to 100% bonus based on performance which can make you reach 140k. [ 1] This office would become home to Trump Mortgage, brain-child of one E. SagaciousShikoba. Deutsche Bank plans to cut 3,500 jobs through 2025 — mostly back-office roles, the German lender said Thursday. Hello Everyone, I am new in Germany and I need to open a German current account immediately but when I visited Deutsche Bank they said I need appointment for it. Deutsche Bank TDI NYC . Deutsche Bank and N26 are both crap, but for different reasons. Work: SAP Consultant, Data Migration, Data Analyst. Just got an offer from Deutsche Bank a Tech Analyst Intern in the NYC office, any former interns or employees have any tips, advice, or just general…. It is a good deal and Deutsche Bank has good international connections as well as decent customer service if you have any issues. Pros: I’m a huge Disney fan (looking forward to the perks) — I think it would be cool to experience the environment/working there, maybe better if I’m interested in SWE (not sure about this, but at least the interview 5. As in put all the dogshit bad bets in one big pile, wrap them in cat shit and attempt to sell them off to the highest bidder. If experienced, depends on your skillset. The average Deutsche Bank hourly pay ranges from approximately $19 per hour (estimate) for a Prep Cook to $139 per hour (estimate) for an Investment Banker. If we are talking about Sparkasse, I have no idea but would be surprised if all-in was above 80k. Contentful (Probably starts around 90K ish for Senior Engineers). In 1998, Deutsch Bank loaned Trump $125 million to renovate an office building at 40 Wall Street, eventually providing or underwriting $1. They have English website, English customer service (German. In corporate banking there are relationship managers which sell and portfolio managers which manage the loans and do financial analysis, credit memos, risk ratings, etc. Deutche bank is secure, but slow. "Deutsche Bank's base salaries are pretty much the highest in the market, and they're having to keep high to attract people," the headhunter observed. Not sure if they do RSU's. If we are talking about Deutsche Bank, can be around 80-100k all-in (in DB specifically, FP&A team is pretty good so I can imagine a bit higher is also possible). To me, "more than double" is not compatible with "nearly as many". jkeps. $120-160k base for a senior manager level + 20-30% bonus. This is a result of a long history of questionable decissions and failed merger negotiations. This includes base salary as well as any potential stock compensation and bonuses. The highest-paying job at Deutsche Bank is a Managing Director with a salary of ₹2,49,27,750 per year (estimate). ” Good Bank / Bad bank. I am a non-EU student - Single, no children, and shall be in Germany on work visa. I would get some flak for this, but if you know the network in and I'm in a very fortunate position where I am in a small financial institute and have successfully interviewed for both Goldman Sachs engineering team (non-London) and Deutsche Bank London roles. 3. Always try and negotiate. have stopped hiring, I am thinking about closing the account now and open a salary account in some other bank. 2: The main reason. Overtimes are a sure hit once you peak at around your 3rd or 4th month (under probationary period, of course). That said, under 100k you are fine, however in an effect of a collapse your money may not be available for a while, so make sure you have some money somewhere else. This is owning to the fact that foreign banks like Deutsche Bank, Credit Suisse, Goldman Sachs, Citi have very small IB teams (10-20 members in entire country). For a couple of reasons: 1: The earning potential of LSE P&E is better than any degree apprenticeship, so much so that by the 2nd year of IB the fact that they paid for uni wont make much of a difference. Australian Personal Finance: budgeting, saving, getting out of debt, investing, and saving for retirement. Welcome to r/Finance! No Personal Finance, Homework, Personal blogs, or… I completed the situational test for Deutsche Bank on September 1st, and I haven't received any communication from them since. To make its case, Deutsche Bank created an index that tracks the distance between inflation and unemployment over the past 60 years and the Fed's stated goals for those metrics. Deutsche Bank has nearly as many cash machines as they are part of the cash group. Student. Broeksmit supplied journalists with Deutsche Bank documents that highlighted the bank's deep Russia connections. Broeksmit was reported missing last year, with police saying he was last seen around 4 p. Is it good to join Deutsche Bank as an AVP with recent announcements on layoffs from the CEO according to Bloomberg report. Do u want to work as a bcom, with very less growth opportunity and restricted fields to enter, or join in as a ca. That is a pretty routine loan and the bonus for signing a deal like that is trivial in banking terms. ING would be the core recommendation based on your criteria, and something that probably meets your level of comfort with banking. , especially from another bank. And now my question - which bank do you suggest which has: 1)Giro-Card / EC-Karte :) 2)No fee with salary deposit Apr 19, 2024 · Here are our top picks for the best bank in Germany for English speakers and foreigners. They are all different banks, though being one big group. r/csMajors • 1 yr. Mine was very rigorous and in depth but somebody else here said theirs was pretty straightforward. This basically covet the top 10 banks, which the top banks would be JP Morgan, Bank of America, Citi and Wells Fago, each of the banks aum. I called DB this morning to see what is going on and they need to start an investigation which will delay the transaction even longer. Career Progression. I already know about N26 (which is completely online) and does not have maintenance fee, but I am a bit skeptic about it in the recent light of a couple of American banks defaulting and the feedback from many other people on this reddit channel. Postbank is used only for my salary payment. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. Netlogic Solutions Asia, Inc. by Secure-List. Deutsche has been flirting with going bust for 5+ years now. Also I checked Deutsche bank and sparkasse. I'm curious if anyone has successfully advanced beyond this initial stage in the application Big 4 bank scales in the product management world are generally: $90-110k base for a manager level + 10-20% bonus. 2. It will only end up worse. •. Even top 10 is challenging for them, and DB is an example of a bank that took too much risk in order to grow (among many other issues). The stock has gone from around $40 in 2014 to about $7 to $8 today. C. So I recently got accepted into Deutsche Banks new Investment Banking Degree Apprenticeship (fully front office in Sales and Trading rotating on 4 desks for 4 years + fully paid for degree at Queen Mary in Applied Finance bsc + very good starting salary). Deutche bank: long term storage and stocks. FWIW - I would give Chicago a try. The people involved within Deutsche did not risk their career for the bonus, I assure you. Interviews. Even in these IIMs only the top 10%-15% even get a chance to interview with these IB firms because they are the most wanted jobs on the campus. Currently a VP at an up and coming bank. During the interview, I talk with 3 peoples both are in a technical position. April 6, 2021. For a $125M loan the bank earns something in the range of $150 to $300k per year from the spread. ’ As an expat I have been using Deutsche Bank for the past 5yrs. 3k/month Benefits: N/A Pros: More $, closer to home, hybrid We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. But it also depends on which features you need. He provided journalists and investigators with untold evidence pointing out the corruption of DB as it relates to Russia and Trump. Political news and debate concerning the United Kingdom. “ July 7, 2019: Deutsche Bank confirms plans to fire 18,000 workers and reorganize into a good bank/bad bank. Salary is above average / hours are okay: Union Bank, BPI. Always know some dirt you can use, makes negotiations straight forward and they don't really take long. Here's a summary: Avoid because Poor Management and Toxic Workplace: BDO, East West, Security Bank, China Bank. Interview coming up. 2 bank accounts were my salary accounts with Commerzbank (old job) and Deutsche Bank (new job). Is Deutsche Bank on the slow road to insolvency ala Lehman, and if so, shouldn’t this constantly be in the news as a major threat to . Feb 1, 2024 · Thomas Lohnes via Getty Images. Jun 24, 2024 · The average Deutsche Bank salary ranges from approximately $43,178 per year (estimate) for a Receptionist to $430,096 per year (estimate) for a Managing Director. Depending on country, risk appetite of bank and government involvement in responsible finance will determine level of risk that is available with supplied strategies. N26 is miles ahead of any "standard" German bank out there. I personally have 4 bank accounts myself in Germany, not counting WISE. Excerpts: Deutsche Bank managing director Rosemary Vrablic expressed concern about the public nature of Donald Trump's 2012 acquisition of the Old Post Office building in Washington, D. Currently i also have revolut, which i primarly use. That research, according to the bank, finds that the Fed today is "much further behind the curve" than it has been since the early 1980s. I know, deutsche bank is a big opportunity, but weight in ur options. If you are looking at 100K+ as baseline for high/highest paying there are a few other players as well: Hellofresh (Only at Staff levels though). I heard that they can be hard so solve. Highest paid jobs in Australia by average taxable income. Americans can be also above that. Now I'll be working from next month and I plan to open a separate bank account for receiving salary payment and saving purpose, and only move my money to the Deutsche Bank account for fixed expenditure (rent, electricity, food, etc. • 10 yr. I also have an N26 account for foreign transactions and another bank account linked to my trading scalable capital account. Here I am getting my salary and pay all contracts (rent/phone/internet) there. N26 doesn’t work for me as of October 2023 they ask for residence permit. BUT: Your sparkasse is one of 365 in Germany. ago. Offers. Ill-Positive-9871. 7M subscribers in the europe community. ‘The bank has also faced scrutiny abroad, especially fore its role in handling foreign transactions for the Estonian branch of Danske Bank — which was at the center of a €200 billion ($212 billion) money laundering scheme that ran from 2007 – 2015. Personal Experience. Man, always remember, never do a job and study together, unless u have any financial constraints. View community ranking In the Top 1% of largest communities on Reddit Deutsche bank vs BNY Mellon I have an offer from BNY Mellon and have two weeks to sign it. Nonetheless, I have couple questions to you: My salary indicates EUR 1,500 (brutto). You can get more I think, 100K with proper negotiation is possible. I have an interview coming up with DB for their train to hire program. Ranked CAs are also hired. I was offered a position (KYC analyst) in one of the big 4 pero undecided pa rin ako 'til now because of its working arrangement. r/AusFinance. If you are the biggest universal bank in your country and you aren't even in the Top10 in your home market when it comes to M&A, something is seriously wrong. The bad bank will hold assets it plans to sell. If Deutsche Bank or Commerzbank will accept you, go with that, but they don't the two above options could be used just to get an account open, have a german IBAN, and then later pivot into the longer term bank that meets your needs. Hindi nabanggit yung timeframe for JO and the problem is kailangan ko na magbigay ng decision sa View community ranking In the Top 1% of largest communities on Reddit Deutsche Bank TDI Analyst New Grad Interviews Hello All, Is There Anyone Who Attended 3 Rounds Interviews For TDI New Grad Analyst At Deutsche Bank Please Let Me Know What Questions Were Asked r/FinancialCareers. 27. MembersOnline. 3 billion to Trump entitiesover the next few years. But I wouldn't touch if unless I really wanted to get into banking anyway and had no other options. comments sorted by Best Top New Controversial Q&A Add a Comment. Can anyone share the questions you are asked in the initial round of 30-min interview for Deutsche Bank Analyst Program - TDI? 8 comments. Hey everyone, I got an internship at DB as an Analyst Intern in the summer program in the Technology, Data and Innovation Division in Cary (North Carolina) with hourly pay of 33$ /hours without relocating allocation. 80 per year. Ridings. Please read the sidebar and observe sub rules when posting. Salary: 40$/hr. $170-250k base for a Head of level + 30-50% bonus. Add a Comment. The hard part with DKB is that they have very high schufa requirements, so they might reject you if you don‘t have enough financial background. At the top of the ranking of highest paid bank CEOs is Jamie Dimon, chief executive and chairman of JPMorgan Chase, with $23. Deutsche Bank Degree Apprenticeship or LSE Politics and Economics Bsc. It is a private bank and part of the Cash Group (Commerzbank, Deutsche Bank, HypoVereinsbank & Postbank). Deutsche Bank is rumour to have serious issues (similar the credit Suisse) already since 2008. -24x7, English- Mo-Fri 8-18), their banking app is in the English and their forms are all in English too. ADMIN MOD. The headcount trim includes 800 employees the bank cut last April as part of CEO Christian Sewing’s previously announced €2. Hey everyone. Deutsche Bank whistleblower found dead in Los Angeles an hour ago. Cost cuts are hardly new to Need some answers. Does the Bank give ample opportunities to it's employees for a long term career or is more inclined towards hire and fire culture. Deutsche Bank staff broke regulatory rules and company policy to enable clients to siphon off millions of euros in government revenues, according to an internal investigation on its role in one of Europe’s biggest tax scandals. Join. Rules detailed here… 4 days ago · The highest paying salary package reported for a Software Engineer at Deutsche Bank in Germany sits at a yearly total compensation of $120,085. Salary: Decent for new grads. Apr 5, 2024 · The average Deutsche Bank salary in Cary, NC is $89,369. Europe: 50 (+6) countries, 230 languages, 746M people… 1 subreddit. Probably not worth it. The majority of the German soldiers in 1939 were VOLUNTEERS not conscripted. Expect daily OTs and weekend work. According to first-party numbers I can find, the Cash Group has a high-estimate of 9 000 ATMs in Germany, and the Sparkasse network has a low-estimate of 23 000 ATMs. If you have a a 30% variation that is pretty big. I’ve explored couple options. Bei einem monatlichen Grundpreis von 13,90 € gehe ich davon aus, dass es sich lohnt - für die Bank. Mediocre pay, and a whole lot of bureaucracy (it's a German bank after all) with limited career growth potential if you're not a native German. A problem I never had with Deutsche Bank (for example). I already have legal address but not residence permit. 5 billion cost savings plan, Deutsche said. DARN THEEEM Overall the experience for me was horrible, worst bank i ever owned. Still you have to wait 3 days to transfer any money. where there is smoke normally there's fire. So its very division, function and bank dependent. A Deutsche Bank account costs at least EUR 82. Systematically banks are generally considered banks above 750 billion assets under management and are subject to highest standards for regulatory stress testing exercise and generally have higher salaries. Most of my friends who did the IB route right after uni earned 6 digits (some not exactly, but closer to the 6 digit mark) in their first job. The general statement still holds true. 1 million in 2011 compensation. ) or in case I am in urgent need. Deutsche Bank Position: Technology Analyst Location: NYC Salary: $8. acodingpenguin Fourth-Year Math Major / CS Minor • 9 mo. Benefits: $5000 relocation stipend. What is the lowest salary at Deutsche Bank? The lowest-paying job at Deutsche Bank is an AVP-QA Automation Architect with a salary of ₹83,982 per year (estimate). djfresh91. Posted by u/No_Bag2831 - 1 vote and 1 comment DKB and ING DiBa are both very cheap providers of bank giro accounts. 1. A subreddit where redditors can share their stories related to being laid off from their jobs and provide resources to those who are going through a challenging time. Posted by u/KAX1107 - 4,582 votes and 325 comments View community ranking In the Top 1% of largest communities on Reddit. Or if that doesn't work for whatever reason, your other options is to go to a branch when back in Germany, withdraw cash from a teller and close account in person. 4 days later I can't see a penny on my Belgian bank. Deutsche Bank (open a bank account for free - company's agreement) Go for it. I got grandfathered in though and do have some benefits which are no longer offered (like free girocard). Reply. Some banks do not support SEPA instant payments. Personally, I'd like to hit MD at age 40, grow until I clear 1m/year and then maybe just coast from a comp perspective until I'm around 10mm NW and then just peace out. • 8 mo. Disney. Commerzbank. Commerzbank was founded in 1870 and is the second-largest consumer bank in Germany. Also, hybrid ang set-up. I'm starting to think that I might not have passed the initial screening, but I'm not sure if they even send rejection emails. I guess if you can hack it for a few years, malaki maiipon mo right away. The German peoples building concentration camps were not forced to do so - they were workers earning a salary. Deutsche bank. I need an account to receive the salary. I've been living in Germany for a few years as a student, and I've always been using Deutsche Bank. Bei einem monatlichen Grundpreis von 13,90 €. Duetsche Bank just just announced a cut of 25% of all expenses, they announced leaving Investment Banking, their losing billions of dollars a year, and many people say the bank is in a "death sprial. Then, HR from DB told me that they have even more competitive salary and I just need to wait. Although, be prepared to sacrifice work-life balance. you posted this 3X. hp sw gv as jk wt qr zf qd ut