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Notifications Fork 1; Star 2. exe)找不到的话直接全盘搜索“yuanshen. 修复了交互式地图不检查完成的事情. Stable Release. Contribute to 360NENZ/Akebi-GC development by creating an account on GitHub. Create your Feature Branch ( git checkout -b feature/AmazingFeature) Commit your Changes ( git commit -m 'Add some AmazingFeature') Push to the Branch ( git push origin feature/AmazingFeature) Open a Pull Request. More than 100 million people use GitHub to discover, fork, and contribute to over 420 million projects. Open main directory where you have injector. 修复了鼠标移出游戏窗口的问题. C 34. dll 跟 injector. 使用方法. 4正式版 v1. Open Akebi-GC/akebi-gc. Update: 1. Learn More. Here's the solution (for all users): 1. . Akebi GC is a software that exploits anime girls (and boys) in Genshin Impact, a popular open-world RPG game. 2%. 在文件选择框里找到你的原神游戏程序(注意是游戏不是启动器),打开直接是游戏的而不是启动器 gmh5225 / Genshin-Akebi-GC Public. english translate chines translate russia translate. Building from source. Getting Started. Python 0. 提交您的更改( git commit -m 'Add some AmazingFeature' ). 更新记录4. Genshin原神 Akebi-GC 免费辅助 玩家. exe,这是会弹出一个黑框和一个文件选择框,黑框不能关掉. 添加了一个 Lua 编辑器(更像是一个 Lua 运行器),按 F2 打开它! 希望更安全? 请不要修改游戏文件并在游戏文件夹外使用 Acrepi. exe”(在未启动游戏时开启修改器,修改器会自动打开原神),初次运行修改器会查找 Mar 11, 2023 · Game Ver: 3. v1. Fork the Project. Mar 2, 2023 · 原神Acrepi(原Akebi)多功能3. - susakuru/Genshin-Akebi-GC Open Akebi-GC/akebi-gc. Contribute to ik32/Akebi-GC-- development by creating an account on GitHub. 资源介绍. exe and 2. 7 - 修复了鼠标移出游戏窗口的问题 - 修复了即时弓箭蓄力崩溃 Build solution akebi-gc. Join our Discord for more news!. 7%. 1. Aug 29, 2022 · A: If you've used Akebi/Genshin-Cheat before, this is a config issue. It offers features such as God Mode, Mob Vacuum, Vacuum Loot, and more. forked from SunsetMkt/Akebi-GC. 打开已经编译好的版本文件夹 (debug, release) 确认 CLibrary. Open your cfg. 5. 7. " GitHub is where people build software. Akebi-GC汉化项目,让每一个国人都可以用上更好的。. 运行 injector. Thanks @RedDango for making the bot. 修复了输入问题,例如在菜单打开后无法按住 alt 选项卡或按键. 6 - 更新至 Genshin Impact 3. Our Akebi GC Menu will make your way to get the best easier, despite all the difficulties that you may encounter on your way in Genshin Impact. Please create issue, if you catch a crash after updating to 2. english translate. AKEBI GC. The Best Genshin Menu! We created our program for those who want to have the best in the world. We are offering you a way to enjoy Genshin Impact again, LOL. IMPORTANT: We added an auth system. In first week after 2. This commit does not belong to any branch on this repository, and may belong to a fork outside of the repository. Akebi GC. Akebi Genshin Cheat source for OS/CN 3. 双击打开inject. SunsetMkt/Akebi-GC. To associate your repository with the akebi topic, visit your repo's landing page and select "manage topics. Head over to the Action page. exe. exe(genshin. 在文件选择框里找到你的原神游戏程序(注意是游戏不是启动器),打开直接是游戏的而不是启动器,游戏程序 akebi汉化. 4. 6. 開啟一個 Pull Request. The great software for some game that exploiting anime girls (and boys). About. 打开 /bin. Head over to the releases page; Download the latest binaries; Latest Release. Latest Release. Head over to the releases page; Download the latest binaries; Usage (1-2 are optional if you didn't build from source) Open /bin. 修复了自动烹饪错误. json file, find "QualityField" field and set it's value to "Normal" with these quotes. It is reccomended to use Visual Studio 2022. sln; Build solution akebi-gc. 更新记录3. 建立新的分支 (Fork) 創建你的功能分支( git checkout -b feature/AmazingFeature ). Contribute to Holmose/Akebi-GC-chinese development by creating an account on GitHub. 0. Select the most recent workflow with a green checkmark (Choose your client version GLOBAL/CN/BETA) 3. Last Changes Updates History. 修复了即时弓箭蓄力崩溃. forked from lwd-temp/Akebi-GC. Explore the GitHub repository for Genshin-Akebi-GC, a software enhancing the gaming experience for anime-style games. Rednekol / Akebi_GC Public. 更新至 Genshin Impact 4. 修复了一些问题,我相信其中之一是无限体力. 上傳(Push)到分支( git push origin feature/AmazingFeature ). Download Akebi-GC-release in the Artifacts section. 5正式版 v1. 2. exe,找到原神游戏的Genshin Impact game目录下选择yuanshen. As well as setting up cheat-library as startup project. Click Publish workflow. 修复了与这里无关的小问题. (如果不是从源码自己构建的话,无视步骤 1 跟 2 。. 0 - 添加了一个 Lua 编辑器(更像是一个 Lua 运行器),按 F2 打开它! - 希望更安全?请不要修改游戏文件并在游戏文件夹外使用 Acrepi - 修复了一些问题,我相信其中之一是无限体力 v1. Interact with the bot by /generate free to get the license. 将所有文件解压到同一个文件夹(比如桌面新建一个文件夹全解压进去). 5免费版 更新置顶 使用教程 使用方法:解压文件夹到桌面, 以管理员方式运行 injector. 7 update cheat can be unstable. 等到登录界面出现,按 F1 键打开 Akebi GUI 。. 增加一個功能. Release. Select most recent workflow with green checkmark (Choose your client version GLOBAL/CN/BETA ) Download Akebi-GC-release in Artifacts section. Notifications You must be signed in to change notification settings; Fork 45; Star 73. What's Changed. - Added Entities Manager; - God Mode (Invincible) - fixed; - Mob Vacuum; - Vacuum Loot; Known Issues: Akebi GC. sln. DOWNLOAD. exe 处在同一个文件夹内。. 在文件选择框里找到你的原神游戏程序(注意是游戏不是启动器),打开直接是游戏的而不是启动器 Genshin原神 Akebi-GC 免费辅助 玩家. Contribute to banzuisang/Akebi-GC-chinese development by creating an account on GitHub. ask or search ctrl + k Add this topic to your repo. wg me ob bg fk dj zv nr yf rd